“Mister Bryon has been cutting my hair for almost a year or so. I was referred to his shop by one of my friends. I have referred Bryon to someone I know. It is no surprise that his business is improving. His excellent customer service and attention to detail is impressive. I am in a consulting job where I can be in town only on weekends and I might need some last minute appointments. He always go out of the way to accommodate my request. He is very good at children. He volunteered to give a try on my 1.5 yr old daughter. We were afraid that she might make a scene during the haircut- the previous time she did so. But Bryon put her at ease, and she was laughing and giggling and enjoying the hair cut all the time.”

-Aji K.

“Mister Bryon does a great job with haircuts. My 7 year old son an I have been getting our haircut by Mister Bryon now for 3 years. He has a great way with the kids and always gives a very professional cut to dad. And the price is right. Now that Mister Bryon has his own business, his website makes it easy to schedule appointments because the appointment is scheduled in real time and confirmation email sent to us. We’ll see Mister Bryon every 4 weeks. Count on it!!!”

– Scott R.

“No big screens………no hard sell on hair product…….no referees jerseys. Just a great haircut in atmosphere where you don’t feel like you’re one of the herd that has to be pushed through. Bryon does a great job and is definitely worth giving a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Monte Savage

“Bryon simply gives a great haircut at a great price. I followed him from his other place of employment to here, and have never regretted it. You know how difficult it is to find someone who will cut your hair the way you want it, and will always be there? Look no further!”

-Bob S.

“Convenience, customer service and professionalism – what more could you ask for? The online scheduling system is the best. Given hectic schedules saving time is important for most anyone and Bryon’s system allows for quick and easy scheduling and limits the amount of time you have to set aside for a haircut. His attention to detail and customer service keeps me returning – simply put he’s a nice guy that cares about his work and his customers.”


“The great haircut is only half of it. The great service is the other half. My 11 year old son has been going to Mister Bryon for a few years now and is always happy to talk sports (even if Mister Bryon is a Detroit fan :-)). Mister Bryon is great with kids and my son loves the VIP haircut.”

-Scott T.